I had to research the emotional attachment of a person to an object. Understand the downfalls of using it and design a digital interaction that might help both overcome the problems presented and strengthen the relation to the object.

Aquaculture is a science in itself. People who maintain and own complex fish tanks develop a deep scientific knowledge of the ecosystem out of pure experience and knowledge exchange. This constant challenging of their knowledge and capacities creates a special bond towards their micro-ecosystem and the beings that inhabit it.

A digital system was developed in order to help fish tank owners to monitor their ecosystem and communicate with a broader community to solve the problems and challenges they face.

This system is comprised by the regular monitoring devices any aquarium must have, which are then connected to a state of the art stickable retina that turns any surface into a screen where the interface of the system is displayed. This interface is on one side a social media platform where the aquarium's vital data and owner's profile is shared, and on the other a place where the monitoring system can be controlled and programmed.