C de Ceramica's Branding

C de Ceramica is a home decoration brand I started right after my first ceramics experiments.

C de Ceramica stands for C of Ceramic. The brand's name comes from two main inspirations 1. My last name (Cantu) and  2. My Grandmother's name (Consuelo). The memory of seeing her always creating and learning so she could bring her ideas into life and then having those ideas literally hanging from the walls of her home has moved me into experimenting and finding new ways of creating. Then of course my father's last name was very important as the inspiration of going into ceramics went from a visit I paid to my uncle's ceramics factory. Finally I knew I wanted to explore the material and design possibilities, so I felt that using a letter as a basis was going to allow be to explore also concepts for different lines: C de Cuento(Story) C de Cariño(Love/Care) etc. 

So I decided the branding should reflect this "blank canvas" feeling I was aming for. The logo is the brand's name written with a typography I designed and traced in illustrator. The brand's colors are just black and white, and the auxiliar typography is Century Gothic. A stationery set was created from these principles including stamps to mark both my labels and my pieces.

After a couple of appearances in local craft markets the brand had to go into hibernation until further notice.


  • CS6 Adobe Illustrator