New York City Fellowship

The Unschool's first Fellowship and my first experience as part of an Education Experience team member.

My responsabilities during this six day experience varied from media recorder, to food and fun and logistics. It was during this time that I got to understand the production requirements of The UnSchool's education experiences.

Mexico City Fellowship

A very important project for me has been being hired to design and coordinate the experience for the Mexican chapter of the Unschool of Disruptive Design’s Fellowship.

Following the guidance of the Unschool’s curriculum and design brief I had to envision, plan, build and execute a 6 day experience where 16 fellows from all over the world were able to discover Mexico City, its culture, its innovation ecosystem, explore new ideas on design, sustainability and system thinking and come up with proposals of their own. All these while sightseeing, assisting to mentor sessions, visiting local artist’s studios, taking up design challenges and moving up and down the city.

Getting to know the audience in advanced the best way possible, accommodating the logistics to serve both the brief and final users and framing an experience of my home town was both a challenge and a good way of discovering to which extent Design tools can be applied to solve problems.

Valle de Bravo Masterclass

The second project I produced was the Valle de Bravo Masterclass a project that is radically different to a Unschool Fellowship both in its content and in its production requirements. Being a program aimed at professionals with an established practice the environment that had to be created for the education experience was one that allowed for the 21 professional's group to sit through dense education sessions lead by Leyla Acaroglu (The UnSchool's founder and lead educator) but also learn about the innovation environment in the place where the event is taking part. This meant creating alliances with UMA and El Humedal as our educational environments and hosts.

Sao Paulo Fellowship

Having experience various education environments and having had various responsabilities in production teams within the UnSchool I was called as a Production Mentor for Sao Paulo Fellowship's Host. This meant I could advice the Host on key decisions she made before the event as well as guarantee that the work flow throughout the six days helped the experience to be fullfiled.

This role has cemented for me my participation at the UnSchool of Disruptive Design. Where I've learnt about the power of international and multidisciplinary teams. I've also streghten important lessons regarding experience design and education environments.