1. The Flashlight

For this project I was OBSESSED with using this one LED icecube I brought back from Mexico. It had survived being tossed away so many times I just wanted to finally use it.

Since the little gizmo is a flashlight in itself I wanted to play around with the usage of water as the switch for it. So I envisioned a sans-lava lavalamp of sorts. Using a traslucent tube filled with half coulored water and half clear oil I would be able to turn the icecube on and of as I turned the container...or so I thought.

So before I made any decisions about the materials I started off with a series of tests:

First with the LED-cube

Then with a LED to see if I could do my own lamp

Having tested the difficulty of turning on a LED with liquid I decided to stick to my LED cube and just find a proper case for it

Although the casing gave it a very nice glare the tilting and turning off and on cleary did not worked as expected. So I proceeded to try another of my ideas: A floating LED that would turn on when it came in contact with the battery.

Since this idea apparently worked I went back into paper trying to imagine the possibilities of my discoveries

By this point I had little to no time to experiment further so I decided to continue with my last successfull attempt and make it work as a final system. So I went and tryed to build a more stable guide for the LED made out of sponge so that it went up and down the bottle without missing the battery.

If the image is not telling enough...I failed miserably, as soon as the sponge boat entered the bottle and got wet it turned over and went basically kaput. I was too upset to record the dissaster so that is a picture of the aftermath.

So I went ahead, got new material to substitute the sponge and built a different floating device for the LED

And this one worked just as I had envisioned. Yet I feel that the system is not relyable enough...and as a lot say around here: If I had more time maybe it could've been a little more solid. There is a way of knowing though: if I'm able to invest some extra-curricular hours in it...well see.