The time has come for...PCOMP midterm

For my midterm I really wanted to develop my first switch which was based on the idea of switching on the Oxytocin producing reaction in our brains, after all that is what I promised all of you my trusted readers.

In this case I wanted to test the hug as a response to the need of changing a negative situation, being the negative situation either A. A Bad news feed or B. A plant in peril (being either deprived of essential nutrients or more harshly being bathed with a toxic substance)


Being this such a  time sensitive project I decided to go for the option A and using the knowledge required to develop the ICM project which had to be based in API usage and hence create an interface that would feed negative news until the observer hugged someone for 10 seconds in which case the news would turn into positive community listings. In this case the plan went like

A. Code

B. Circuit to initialize serial communication

C. Installation of circuit and code...

The development of the plan went something like this:

From the fast paced process of this project I was able to takeout HUGE lessons

  • When time constrained, it is not important to get it right, but fail frequently and faster: if there is something not working instead of pushing it, it is wiser to try a different angle and if that doesn't make it then go for a different angle using all the lessons learnt from previous mistakes. In so doing you keep shedding light from different places to the same idea making it literally multidimensional.
  • .Get your idea out there as frequent as possible: By placing Leidi out into the world I saw how people interacted with her, how much they liked to hug her -YEI!- and most importantly how they liked the idea of hugging her in exchange of good news.
  • If you do not have a team, get one: This is just a reinforced idea. I was working by myself, but without the input, positive energy and help of other people the project would've never been possible

So after seeing how people gave so much love to a make believe character and how the materiality of it was fundamental I have a lot of information to keep on working on luring people into hugging.

Note: The project I used was Autodesk's crystal ball arduino project