Actually...scratch that - AKA The Final II

This is the deal...finals are hard, finals happen all at the same time, finals have my head spinning.

We've gone over the subject of how hard it has been for me to up my coding skills, I was hoping to be able to apply what I had to my soundscape idea, turns out I wasn't even able to scratch the surface of a semi built project. So in the spirit of efficency and pragmatism, I recovered my midterm sketch and decided to make it grow. 

Project in question:

My goal for the final? Expand the conversation this initial fortune teller is able to engage in, into a more extended conversation that will maintain the original idea of inviting a reflection towards thinking of our hopes and dreams for the future within the world we exist in.

Now committed to this project I went along and created a mockup for user testing, from which I've extracted excellent ideas to further develop this website in none less than ONE WEEK!!