6. For the final act: Mounting motors

Artschool is expensive: that seems to be the general agreement. If you are going to be making stuff you are going to be spending big bucks in fancy materials.

This class has taught me a completly different way, I have learnt that as important as the proper tools are, to have a clear knowledge o the result you are going for is incredibly more important than the materials you are going to be building/fabricating with. Genious actually is materialized through limitations.

As I mentioned in the enclosure post it has been inevitable to merge Pcomp final and Fabrication, and is actually that project what I'm continuing for this final delivery.

But, what is all this talk about material costs and solving problems within scarcity about?

The class before this delivery we were introduced to several pre-fab options to mount motors, connect thei shafts to the moving mechanism and even moving mechanisms themselves. All magnificent options to create incredible finalized projects but the question is: How much of a finalized project are we turning in?

I know for sure that regardless of all the work that has been put into designing, prototyping, building, playtesting and correcting, what is going to be shown is still a product in process. Which is getting to a quite decent and solid place as a project, but not a finalized project yet.

And as such it deserves to be treated with respect and be properly built, but it is not yet ready to deserve big bucks to be poured into it,

But enough talk and more show. So for the sake of this argument this motor mounting was built with nothing but humble materials and knowledge from the proper techniques learnt in class.

And that is that, a lot of technique, a little of investment, and a motor that is perfectly fixed and performs wonderfully.