New semester, more fabrication AKA Subtraction begins AKA Hand router

Even though Shaper (see following video) is almost a reality in this world, learning how to use a hand router is to powertools for making what learning how to hammer is to basic wood-working...right?

So in this train of though our first power tool for the semester was this wonder maker cutter. The task: cut an incomplete circle.

Since there is only one hand-router available in our shop and the line waiting for its usage was long, being the first one of the day I knew I had to be fast, so I skiped the measure taking and the precise drawing and went right into cutting. These are the tools with which I started:

So after discovering that I had never used a driver and hence I was moving incredibly slowly in figuring out which bit to use and how to go about it I ginally got to set up the working space and traced my lines

Then came the getting the router ready. It is impressive how much you learn by doing, what was done in 15sec in class took me a solid 5minutes to figure out

And when I finally got the bit in, and the whole router assambled and working I went and placed the acrylic jig in the silliest way possible. Fixed that and started off with the shown rise

A couple of more turns, another go, and the curve part of my cut was done, now onto the straight line: Easy, I mark it and I fix the jig down to follow along.

WRONG...again, there was no way for the router to follow that line whitout breaking the jig or just going off...fixed this position and went ahead with the cutting


So throughout the process some new tools were added to making this the final roster (yes that is the vacum cleaner):

Eventhough the job was done: YAY! and I didn´t had to break my head with something awesome and creative to do, I still felt disatisfied with just having a something, so I decided to try and imprint some function to this something. This meant using the band saw, laser cutter, band sander and sand paper (felt so nice to breeze through all these tools).

And then: VOILA, a new window to the world


  • How a hand router is put together.
  • How satisfying it is tu cut with a jig attached to the hand router.
  • I need to use the driver more often.


  • It is so nice to know what you are doing and just go ahead and do it.
  • Using the noise cancelling ear covers takes me to a land of ZEN where I can work fast and focused.
  • Using the hand router is chiseling in 2D.


  • MUST GET A CENTER PUNCH (if you were wondering what the hammer was used for, that is what)
  • Laser cutting is chiseling in 2D with a precission machine: patience is required.