CNC - a lesson

Three things I learnt in this skill builder:

  1. I love Adobe Illustrator but VectorWorks is not that bad - it has enough youtube documentation-
  2. Plan you designs with the amount of material that will be lost due to the bit. I ended up with a super thin useless wheel - useless for my purpose at least-
  3. Seeing how perfectly figures get cut out is soooo satisfying not play with the bit's will get cut and cover all your work in blood

So for this project I wanted to do a lamp shade for my brand new hanging lamp but nothing went according to my plan.


Following the process in the instructions was fairly easy, I just ran into two problems

  1. Once I clicked start the screen on the CAM requested a said Tool 1 == "Load Tool 1" flashed in red letters. John told me it meant that the machine was asking for a machine change, so he just clicked 'RESUME' and the process started.
  2. One of my pieces moved and was not cut properly, I was able to sand the cutting afterwards, but it could've been not good at all.


Even though the process went fairly ok. My design was very poorly made, to the point that my main piece came out useless due to the fact I did not plan ahead for the thickness of the bit and how much material I was going to loose, and after everything was cut I realized I needed a pocketing that I did not perform in the useless piece but that I could've planned for in the piece that I ended up using.

So the things I would like to learn going forward are:

  1. If while on the Master CAM I realize that two shapes are too close to each other, how can I move them apart
  2. If while on the Master CAM I realize there is a small shape missing from my design or a dimension is not working, is there a way to modify it?
  3. I am not a designer so I really do not know how to go about a design process, I tried playing around with cardboard, but the planning and measuring was increasingly demanding that I went for the simplest form I could imagine. And even then I do not feel satisfy with the result.