Joints, its all about the math

Three things I learnt:

  1. That thing I said about vectorworks, Forget it! It is a PAIN, it makes no sense what it does to the designs
  2. When your instructor sais you should start working early, start working early
  3. Joints are all about math

So I started off as early as I could and with the easiest design I could imagine. two rectangles that were going to meet with a simple square. Apart from loosing my 0 point in MasterCam the cutting process went quite easy, but then it was the problem of the fact that I did not calculated the sickness both of my pieces had to sum up to.

Since the first try went fairly well I decided to make my final joint a "Halving with Elliptical Tenon" so I went for the design of a flat cube which will join in one of its "faces" with a circle.

And it was ANYTHING but easy.

I went through seven different digital designs, one cut that was way to large (my material couldn´t provide enough space for it), one design that was badly cut and finally my piece which due to its size needed to get a little bit of sanding.

After these two CNC experiences I come to be more and more convinced that the trick with CNC is all in the software side of it. My great battle this time was translating my design from one program to another into what I wanted it to be.

I tried a lot of times, and every time Master Cam translated my design into a set of lines and not many figures together. So I ended up moving to ilustrator to do the CAD, and since I had changed the origin point so many times it was really easy to translate my Illustratod design into MasterCam and then FINALLY the CNC Router.

Here I had one more mistake: I realeased one of my figures before I did the central cut, so of course the piece got barely poked but it did not got properlly cut.

So it was all about going back to mastercam and rearrengin the order of the operations in order to get my desired piece.