Doll size automata == Sustraction midterm

Automatas are fun, not just because of what they can do, but because building them requires a lot of wit.

I've been obssesed with making a butterfly, so I figured that having the possibility of creating fairly small part would allow me to build a butterfly automaton that could work through a small music box.

This meant that I decided to use the Other Mill, following basically the same steps as I did for the skill builder. Using this time: plywood and MDF as materials.

Working on the Other Mill gave me not only the capability of creating really small parts, but also became an excellent tool for quick iterating. Something very important since my time contrains were very high due to the fact that I spent a really long time researching how to do my automata.

This meant that I went over the same shape several times, trying to understand how to calculate the sizes of my design on the CAD, because even though I was using the digital caliper all the time it is still very hard for me to imagine how much my piece would loose on its contour.. Since Other MIll's CAM is incredibly straight forward redesigning on Illustrator was the only time consuming part of the production.

These iterations let me test the weakeneses of the design, which I will try and improve, starting by the mechanism doing exactly what I want it to do instead of just an approximation.