On my way to the cocoa shaker

yes, that is my goal, what is it? 

A mexican cocoa shaker

I find them not only crazy  beautiful, but incredibly useful...I mean foamed cocoa, what else would anyone need in life.

So before I aspire to even try and do one of those I went and did the skill builder in the wood lathe aiming to learn how to do the rings first.

I started off with a piece given by Ben, I have no idea what kinda wood it is, but it is very very hard wood

First ring was a a good success, it took me around 20 minutes to get it loose

After this first ring though I noticed that as I tried to work the wood it kept on stoping on me. So I sharpen the tools several times...worried I was doing something wrong because wood was still not being properly chieseled.

Then as I was still pushing into the piece the lathe stopped completely, terrified that I was doing something wrong I checked the whole set to discover I had been kicking the connection and finally got it unplugged.

But that was not my problem. As I incorporated myself I grabbed on my piece and discovered it was loose. That was the problem!! A little adjustment on the live part of the lathe and I was good to go. I did a big ring, worked the rest of the cubic part in the middle into a cylinder and did another ring that sadly broke.

So I would say I have the feel of what it takes to make a ring, but I am a LONG way away from making a decent one, and I say that moving forward I need to find a proper wood to work with, I do know that the mexican shakers are made out of ocote pine which is quite soft.

Stay tuned for the next atempt