Making toys...foosball toys

Eventhough my big goal at the lathe is to someday make a mexican cocoa shaker, this week I had to create a foosball character. Since I am training myself on the arts of the free circles I wanted h@m to have free circles on h@z body...sadly that was not possible, the reasons are various. 

First things first. The material I chose was a ply like log made out of MDF panels. I really wished I had thought of taking the picture of the scraped piece I worked with because the transformation is quite amazing. But I didn't so just imagine a recepie holder made out of MDF sheets

Well I took it apart, glued the panels together, waited 24hrs, cuted out the excess, sandded down the corners to make it smoother and finally got to work on it

Getting to my final product was a veeeery long process, I would say it took me around 48hrs to get to it. Plus it was also very tiering, but also very educational. These are the lessons learnt:

  1. Patience and constance is the answer to successful subtraction: I have sculpted on ceramics before, and I thought that that process needs a lot of patience because of the delicacy of the material. Actually EVERY subtraction project on any sort of tools needs patiences. Carving the material to show the shape it hides takes time, lots of it.
  2. PlyMDF is not the best ally for lathe sculpting: even though it turned into a very easy material once I got the dowel finely rounded, getting there was very hard because I had to fight with lots and lots of layers of material, and of course the glue layers I gate it myself.
  3. Again PlyMDF is not the best ally for lathe sculpting: holding the piece was VERY hard, the drive center kept on carving a little "pool" where it was supposed to be holding the material because of its softness, so I during the dowel turning and the final piece turning I had to change my piece's position once (interchange the spindle for the live center)


  1. In case you were wondering - PlyMDF is NOT the best ally for lathe sculpting: my piece ended up breaking when I was almost done, I was going for the last try on the loose ring and I guess I placed so much pressure on the ring I was trying to get loose that the head of my character broke (visible in the picture) and it went flying on the air...some wood glue fixed the problem.
  2. I am not good (enough) at math: eventhough Rita and Nate let me use their jig, my holes are still note 90 degrees apart from each other...

Stay tuned for game day: 28/5/17 9am EST