If you are making it bad, make it REALLY bad. Angsty poems n' stuff

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Python. I just feel Python doesn't love me...not for the last few weeks anyway.

But since I am not willing to keep on missing another homework I decided I was going to tackle this task FULL FORCE. I cannot do beautiful code, or beautiful compositions. So I'm going to do decent code and really bad, terrible compositions. 

My main inspiration for this task: Mr Ricardo Arjona


This is a very latin american reference...but he is, say not the best song writer in Spanish language. He is famous for writing with antonyms, synonyms and angsty sentences, and then sing his compositions with a sad tone in an attempt of making his songs sound deep and meaningful. So I did exactly that. All the code I use can be found in my repository.

But since these are english compositions I guess the output is more of a Cher Horowitz lyrical writting

As I have pointed out before python and myself haven't been in the best terms latetly so if it wasn't for the restaurants.py example in the class notes I could've never made tryagain.py which is my main code. Like the example code where it comes from it joins together randomly chosen words from a list of antonyms and synonyms to "quit", synonyms to "understand"  and a list of some angsty teen sentences. In there is a function that capitalizes the first letter of the selection, and another function to join them all together.

This is my favorite of all the profound teen poems I got: