My new found love: 4 axis mill

This is such a beautiful machine to make beautiful organic wood shapes. My only issues is that I am yet to know how to properly design those shapes.

Once the design is done setting it up is EXTREMLY easy, even though I hessitated a little bit when it cam e to setting the 0s, in general terms it is pretty straight forward how to set it up, and I thinl that it has to do with the fact that the Roland Viewer is an extremely well design program that really walks the user through setting up the material in the perfect way and making sure the design is properly milled.

My shape is nothing really but a try on the machine's capabilities. My biggesti interest was seing how it managed circular is fantastic

Setting up I learnt a couple of things:

  • Always re-inserting the bit
  • Not tighting my material too much in order to prevent vibration
  • Making sure the tighting nut is reachable and not underneath over the bed. I do this by turning A

My piece took a while longer that what I would've expected (It's roughly a 2 by 2 piece) but that has to do with the fact that I was working with hard wood (no idea what exactly though since it came from a salvaged piece) and that the machine is really detailed when doing the job.

Wheb it comes to the process there is nothing to report because it went smoothly through it. I do have a to-do list of things to learn

  • 3D modeling of course.
  • Now that I did my first 4 axis piece I have a better idea of how to translate what I see on the screen into real object.
  • Experiment with more hard woods as they have really awesome capabilities on this machine.