Last Skill Builder - The 4 Axis Mill with an interesting shape

So this happened in class and YES I got hooked too. And YES I wanted to play with it but. no, my project didn´t allow for it.

Since time constrains made me start working on my final project I had to use vector works to start prototyping my main piece for my final, which is hopefully going to be a telescopic desk lamp.

Samuel Chan lamps

Samuel Chan lamps

Aspiring to do this like almost any other project has proven to be INCREDIBLY hard. So from prototyping the first cardboard model all the way into designing the vector works and finally cutting the first model I have been redesigning the lamp.

After I had the proof of concept on cardboard I went ahead and designed the main part. It was around 4 hours of pulling and pushing shapes on vector works. Trying to find the way of making them allign perfectly, how to cut them, measure them in real life and then translate them into the 3D model. As you can see (from the struggle shown in this following video) dealing with Vector Works was an interesting challenge

After struggling so much with Vector Works getting it into the CAM was quite a breeze, specially since I was cutting a cylinder in round stock I didn´t even needed to think about tabs.

And then the beautiful moment of seeing the machine do its zen cutting for what seemed pretty rational of a time (30min):

Yet 4 hours of design and 30 minutes of cutting later

It did NOT came out as planned, the holes did not went through even though it showed it in the machine. So I had to add 2 extra hours of hand woodworking so I could prototype the acordeon with cardboard

So now it is off to re-designing the cylinder so it can fit the laser cut arms: