Sustraction - The final

The start of the process that lead to this final was covered in my last skill builder post .

I am chasing the dream of building an "acordeon lamp". which has placed me in the big challenge of sculpting abstract figures and translating them into the real world.

This handicap of mine of being unable to imagine what I can't touch and see in the real world has meant that I have made various prototypes, and it seems like I will continue on this road until I figure out scale and functionality of my final project

Before I moved into the new shape (last in the row above) I had to actually do some hand wood work to open the slot for the arms because I really needed to see the way the whole arrangement looked together, since trying it out just with the cardboard arms was not giving me the feel of my piece.

Once I had the idea of the whole piece I went ahead and design what would be the shape of my final piece.

Yet I tried it towards the main part of the lamp and in scale it does not look proper. This means that now I need to divide my process in two: 

A) Re-design the dimensions of the main piece and the arms to fit the scale of the bulb

B) Re-imagine the production process and materials so I can get it right from a bigger piece.


This is subtraction final but not the final step in this project.