Let's do this once more

For my "Do it once, do it again" project I want to dive deeper into a project I started working last semester: My squishy buttons

This project started from the idea of using the tangibility of a squeeze to activate a reaction. And what started as a LED in a balloon:

And for a Unity game inside a escape room experience.


All of these have been iterations on the same kind of sensor attached to the micro-controller in the same way: As an analog read getting a map of values that is then printed into the output.

This time around I would like to:

  • Explore wider capabilities of the sensor  (I'm just using three out of its six pins)
  • "De-attach" the sensor from the micro-controller
  • If possible place the sensor within the squish device.

I know there are similar products to this idea in the market, but what I'm trying to do is a pressure sensitive button not a ball that lights up.