Using a MKR to talk to the web

In preparation for the big assignment of Connected devices, I decided to follow through Project 6 explained in Chapter 4 of "Making things talk"

Following on the exercise was extremely easy and straightforward,  the only issue is: getting the MKR1000 to work, the challenge being posed when using in Windows, but nothing that a little bit of patience didn´t solve. I discovered that the best answer on how to install the driver is found here: , and when I was not able to make it properly connect I went ahead and executed what appears to be a magic trick for the MKR: double-click the reset button. Also, I tried on an iOS while in a network that required for my device to be registered, after registering I was good to go.


The first part of printing information from the sensors worked perfectly, but as you can see in the next image I am not being able to change the website's color, I am sure it is just of a problem of properly writting the html. Lets hope I can fix that before class



The code for this is found in this repository