Learning Spanish with the "Jiu"

Now that we've learnt how to create servers and talk to them we are using this basis knowledge to talk to smart home devices such as the Philips Hue, and the WeMo.

Since it looked that it was way more documented I decided to work with the Philips Hue. Which is incredibly easy to use, specially if you have the IP address of your bridge (which I did because I was working with the ER's device).

In order to start smoothly and orderly I went through the Getting Started guide provided by Phillips Hue's Developer site.

It was incredibly easy to get it working and start to grasp how to create an app to control the device.

Again I went in a quest through the open wide web for examples and tutorials, and after trying many I found that the simplest one helped the concepts land in my head. Click here for a link to the Github repo I refered to.

Now that I was able to talk to the lamp I wanted to be able to control it with a p5 sketch, namely the one I made for the homepage of this website. My plan: as you dragg your mouse around the screen the lamp changes color.

Yet my mind was having a really hard time trying to figure out how this may happen. I now I looked into the ITP human web for help, it was Grau Puche with whom I worked in web apps before who came to the rescue. And he showed me how to use socket.io, which he explained is not the optimal tool to do what I wanted to do, but it helped me understand how I would use the way of talking to the bridge/light from Peter Murray's examples to create my own webpage which could control the light.

To finalize the concept. Since Grau and I speak spanish  and we tend to call our variables with spanish name, I decided to make a website in which you could learn the colors in spanish through colors. 

Click here to go to the repo where the bones of this project live.