Understanding servers

Or trying to anyway.

For connected device's first asigment we had to set up a simple server with a restful API and make do a GET and POST function.

This may seem pretty easy to anyone who actually understands servers. But for someone like me who is still trying to wrap her head around the whole network thing, some reiteration was required.

So after looking at a whole lot of examples and tutorials I landed on the following youtube video which is meant to guide you through making a form type of website which will get information input by users and add it to a database

There were several things I couldn't quite understand in the way so the time figuring them out took from my developing time.

Here is a list of my learnings:

  • I understood what dependecies are and how to install them through the json file created by npm
  • Kinda got middleware and how that is where things happen
  • Installed nodemon which is awesome to make testing more efficient
  • Used EJS still don´t know what it will be good for, it is working for the form I guess
  • Was hoping to use the express validator as a way of iterating through possible answers but that is not how it works
  • When I tried to reload my app it was not loading, because it was sending the info forever again (Then I discovered that I was aming at the add user url so of course it did not worked)
  • Yet when I went to the home it worked but then every time I was sending the new parameters it froze
  • Then he did a MongoDB data base but that is not of my interest now

Click here to go to the github repo where the three versions of this homework live