Some cognitations on how programming may come to use

"I have a background on International Relations" receives in ITP more "WOW"s than what I was ready for.

It is strange, given how we have come to think about design and technology: knowledge bubble certain steps away from social science. Certainly not far removed as programmers, designers and social scientists have collaborated in coming up with some really cool stuff.

But what could a social scientist do with the skills of her/him with whom the collaboration would normally be built? First of all have a clearer dialog, second of all try some stuff by her/himself and then go look for the more skilled to advance the project.

What would I like to do with these skills?

During this semester I wishy wishi wish that by the end I'm able to develop a very simple yet engaging web app that will get people into looking the systems that surround them (social, nature, political)...lets see what I can come up with and who will help me advance this project in the future.

And off goes my wish