To be listened on a couch...reflexions

A week after turning in this assigment I still feel the excitement of it. I even wish we would keep on doing this for the course.

The most appealing part of the task was transforming writen words into sounds, specially because in my head the writen word is image, never sound.

Yet working with Michelle allowed me to get immersed in the sonoric fantasy of the reading.

The result that we obtained, and for which I feel extremly proud, wouldn't had been possible if it wasn't for the great flow we attained as a team.

Normally when working in team we would imagine that being together throughout the process is important. Yet for this task giving each other creative freedom and creating a meeting point in the exact moment during the process was the key of creating a final piece that not only reflects our individual feelings but actually takes it further thanks to our fellow's input.

If I was to change anything from this experience it would've been having more time to imagine the context in which we could've presented it.