Expressive letters

Would my name change if I used different typefaces to express it?

Being my name usage as maleable as it is, I tried to use this to give each one of my "names" a character through typeface

Baron Neue for my whole name. The most definite version of "me", yet with a little bit of creativity on its main letter: the R

The most used expression of my name, the way I sign everywhere. I used Bebas Neue, one of my favorite typefaces for its cleaness and efficency of space and expression.

This is the name that my parents gave me. Its a composed name: Queen-Wisdom. I like my name a lot, and I feel that this typeface Europe Underground Light expresses its sound, its meaning and the way I see myself.

My middle name seams playful to me, because it hides away, it is an alternate presonality that never shows, very few people know I'm called this way too. So I used Trout typeface.

Regina, my first and closest name. It definetly needs to be a sans serif with round lines and interesting details like the capital R form and the g. This typeface is Cocomat Ultralight.

This is the name I made for myself, literally. I use this "fake" name in my social media, and some of my friends even call me this now. In this case it is a watercolor handmade font.

Using letters to express a word's meaning

If you are not a spanish speaker...Lets see if you can guess what these words mean:


1. Mountains (Handmade Font in Ai)

2. Eat (Handmade Font in Ai)

3. Spinning top (Handmade Font in Ai)

4. Here (Europe Underground Light modified plus trace)

A little extra of my personal favorite: