Finding the colors around me AKA the hardest assigment so far

With a weather that never moved from around the 18oC (65oF) grey skies and almost persistent rain. Having to analyze the colors around me was really hard. Not because the pallete was quite homogeneous throughout the three days of my observations (30th Sept - 2nd Oct) but because it was SAD.

The result of these three days of looking around was an intense feeling of wanting to be elswhere. So I decided to tackle the project through that. Braved myself out into my street, took a picture and looked for the two earth-cams that were streaming images of the places where I would rather be Guadalajara MX and Mexico City. Seeing blue skies and sunshine washed some of the grey feelings and got me thinking of various options, starting by doing a composite image of the three cities in the same moment in time into one.

So after much analyzing and iterating color transformations and superpositions of the reality I was facing I decided that this poster was what better depicted the answer to the guide questions for the assigment:

"What colors do you consider the ‘foreground’ colors of your life? What are the persistent ‘background’ colors? How does the palette change based on context or time?"

Palette was consistently grey thoughout these days, nothing but artificial lightning changed the soroundings. 

So I decided to compose an image with a moment in time with the superposition of the colors I wished I was looking at:

1. Land and sky of "my two cities" in Mexico

2. My favorite color. There is a saying in Mexico when we want to refer someone who sees the bright side of everything. We say they see "Life in pink", hence the prominent figure in this composite is "Mexican Pink"

Now this is an image I could look for various days in a row...