Actually...scratch that - AKA The Final II

This is the deal...finals are hard, finals happen all at the same time, finals have my head spinning.

We've gone over the subject of how hard it has been for me to up my coding skills, I was hoping to be able to apply what I had to my soundscape idea, turns out I wasn't even able to scratch the surface of a semi built project. So in the spirit of efficency and pragmatism, I recovered my midterm sketch and decided to make it grow. 

Project in question:

My goal for the final? Expand the conversation this initial fortune teller is able to engage in, into a more extended conversation that will maintain the original idea of inviting a reflection towards thinking of our hopes and dreams for the future within the world we exist in.

Now committed to this project I went along and created a mockup for user testing, from which I've extracted excellent ideas to further develop this website in none less than ONE WEEK!!

ICM - The Final I

Sharing 360 visual images today is as easy as finding a wifi connection to logg to, or a starbucks to have coffee in. Creating and imersing  yourself is a little bit harder and requires some more knowledge, like finding legit tacos in NYC.

Discussing how much it is that we live in a visual society is an over-analized subject. Yet when you want to share stories, when you want people from affar to be a part of your experience images is always the easiest, you can provide a reference that is easy to analize for anything that is absolutely strage and hard to explain.

But so is sound. Or at least this is what I think. When we see a new space, we have a reference of how it is asthetically different, but not really about how it provides a different experience. Yet sound is what transports you, what makes you go from one place to another, and even much so when it sorrounds you.

With this in mind I want to create a webpage where I can share with everyone far away from my reality the feeling of how it is standing in the middle of say, the 36th AV N/W station and looking around, if you look away from the train what do you listen to? If you look towards the stairs, can you distinguish the sound of the cars playing reggetaon down in the street?

For this I want to use the pixel camera tracking and control sound using the sound library.

I would also need to make 4 different track recordings in order to be activated depending on what the camera tracks the possition of the user is.

Some reference:

Some stories untold

If this blog hasn't protrayed it enough, ICM has been my hardest subject so far...BUT I refuse being defeated. Yet amidst fullfiling my quest I forgot to post two important stories:

The next step in the story of the Silly flies
The story of my team work

Silly flies_Beta

This I conciously avoided posting on in an attempt of making me keep on working on it until I got it right and fell proud enough for it to be posted. Just as an update to the entry that refers to it. I did assisted Office hours and was able to improve two parts of the sketch:

1. The transforming background

2. The shape of the waves

Am I sattisfied? No...the drawing still looks stiff, artificial, and quite clumsy to my taste. So it is still a "To do" task. Go check it out here

The second I just forgot about in the rush of working in team. Our final product was a crazy circle stravaganza that was birth from the collaboration of a project Pan my teamate had started and what has been my favorite sketch so far this one I liked so much I re-used it for the synthesis project




Not quite sure what happened here but it went something like this:

1. A very confusing intro - DanO wore a intergalactic hat, Shiffman crossed a square river, we sand kid songs...

2. An even more confusing team coupling - Random over random

3. Pizza

4. These witchery created with my teamates Grau &Nanou  by using a Photoresistor, Arduino's  AnalogRead Sketch Example, and this p5.js drawing I made some weeks ago

The flies with the weird wings

The description of the blogs prevents it. There will be some sad stories, this is one of them.

The assigment

Create a sketch that includes (all of these):

  • One element controlled by the mouse.
  • One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse.
  • One element that is different every time you run the sketch.

I was inspired by the random ritmical lines that could be drawn from controlling x and y shapes with the mouse, so I decided to try that and do a Koi fish tank by using ellipses, and bezierVertex(es).

The result?

Some flies with weird wings

You are welcome to try it, but from this project I have a larger to do list than an acomplishment list, and it goes:

- Make colors change smoothly through random

- Make the wings follow my flies

- If possible turn the flies into fish

Stick around I'm sure Office Hours is going to turn this weird thing into the magical pond it was meant to be.

Some cognitations on how programming may come to use

"I have a background on International Relations" receives in ITP more "WOW"s than what I was ready for.

It is strange, given how we have come to think about design and technology: knowledge bubble certain steps away from social science. Certainly not far removed as programmers, designers and social scientists have collaborated in coming up with some really cool stuff.

But what could a social scientist do with the skills of her/him with whom the collaboration would normally be built? First of all have a clearer dialog, second of all try some stuff by her/himself and then go look for the more skilled to advance the project.

What would I like to do with these skills?

During this semester I wishy wishi wish that by the end I'm able to develop a very simple yet engaging web app that will get people into looking the systems that surround them (social, nature, political)...lets see what I can come up with and who will help me advance this project in the future.

And off goes my wish