Some friends were organizing a summer camp in a permaculture ranch within city limits. It was aimed at children from 6 to 10 years old and it would be a course where through understanding the principles of permaculture the deep connections in nature were aimed to be revealed. The goal was to give children a sense of their place in the planet as well as the power of the decisions they make and how much they can contribute through their habits.

This is why instead of having children as the main image; some of the main creatures that would be analyzed during the course were picked as characters for the poster: Pollinizers, herbivorous and omnivores that create the deep connections which help the ranch to keep on producing and life in general to be renovated.

"Pequeños héroes, grandes transformadores"/"Small heroes, big change-makers" was the slogan chosen.

The course never took place but the poster was approved, maybe to be used next year.


  • CS6 Adobe Illustrator
  • CS6 Adobe Photoshop