Computers can take writen words and transform them, into poems, into poetic figures. All it takes is a program that teaches them how to do it, in these cases, python programs

"Carta 2"  is a makeshift love letter made with a program that shuffled and remixed of all the support emails I recieved in my inbox after the first migration ban was executed by The President of the US. Words of empathy, encouragement, enderement and preventive support from stranger representing the institutions that keep me in this country showered my inbox. They made me feel safer, at least for a little while, just like a Love Letter should:

"Counseling or wellness centers exist on most campuses and your International Student Office

In New York
International Student Office can direct you to other resources on your campus
The United States is a nation founded on the principles of welcoming visitors from other shores. 

contribution to our community and want you to know that we are here for you. 

presence enhances our community and we value your diverse perspectives.
Under the brown fog of a winter noon
through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please feel free to drop in. In addition
understanding and peace. Working with young leaders from around the world
As a scientist who studied and worked in four countries before becoming a citizen of the U.S.
As an immigrant to this country"

A ladder to the sky is a word formation made with a python program that remixed and reshaped the words in Emily Dickinson's "The brain is wider than the sky" and Pablo Neruda's "The sea" through a process designed by Lewis Caroll called: Word ladders which requires for letters within a word to be changed one by one - while retaining meaning- so to turn one work into another of the same length.


the be sea
for - side
the ontain
with eside
the be sea
for   blue
the obsorb
as spts do
the bf god
for  pound
and tea do
as sasound
i nkks mk,
i donnkss,
if  iknck,
or onining
thk flkkp,
in sovk in
thk uyvks.
it?s nchkd
ys iflynkt
wkrk kyth;
no, imknt,
thk ssylt,
ynd tnful.
whyt synd.
it sk myn,
to hyfirk;
thk ccold,
thk gstyr,
thk s wyvk
thk q surk
ys y pths,
ynd mntly:
ys i mknt.

Tropical song is a composition to the weather of my motherland, Mexico, a country that is part of what is known as "The Bean Belt" all the countries that because of their location in relation to the Ecuator have the perfect climate to support the production of Coffee Beans.

A text explaining the way Tropical biomes work, a list of all the countries that are part of the "Bean Belt" and "Pais Tropical" lyrics were remixed into this anthem to good weather:

"Brad sea there than anywhere else. Theof samba, I am a boy of ordinary
Tanztween the storms. The water cyclefor my joy.
Ethiator. That means that there is moreder, it's true But at home all my
Hatween the storms. The water cyclefor my joy.
Peong the equator.d that is why I can do anything and
Puerto R water evaporates into the air. Thessed by God It is good for nature
Guateong the equator.n February It has carnival, it has
Camepor forms droplets and clouds form.h myself alone. Child of samba child
South ator. That means that there is moressed by God It is good for nature
Guateator. That means that there is moreuse I don't owe anything to anybody "