Recipe Illustration

I was invited to illustrate a “homy” recipe: "Meat rolls" (Rollos de carne) The kind of meal that is easy to do, while being nutritious, cheap and delicious.

The challenge that I faced was that even though the dish covers all these characteristics it is quite un-pretty once served, not ugly but just esthetically unappealing. So I decided to create a “dance” with the small amount of ingredients.

I have a passion for solid colors, and since I had just two days until delivery I decided to use photography as it comes easier to me to edit photograph than drawing.
So I focused mainly on designing the photographs I was taking,editing and then just enjoyed the process of placing the pieces together. To finish the piece I did some hand lettering for the main parts of the

The recipe was published as part of the recipe book “100 Recipes to cook with art” (100 Recetas para cocinar con Arte-DIF Jalisco) which was presented during the International Book Fair in Guadalajara 2015.


  • CS6 Adobe Illustrator
  • CS6 Adobe Photoshop


  • Wacom tablet
  • Sony Nex-F3