The bassis of science is play. The desire to fly, to visit the moon, to get a reaction from a pleasurable action.

- What if I could squish something and trigger an action? - How about that something is a balloon?

A pressure transducer attached to an arduino creates the possibility to harness the output of the pressure difference generated from squishing a ballon. If this output gets printed in an LED and the LED gets into said balloon we get: A squishy button! This first button was recorded as a Pressure Control for the Tangible Interaction's Sensor Library

The principles of this squishy button can be applied to any kind of input (pressure changing device) and any kind of output.

For ITP's 2017 spring show Woraya Bonyapanachooti and myself collaborated in a Non-game
 that featured various 3D scanned versions of ourselves bouncing in an altarnate universe which was altered by a squishy button: The Blob



  • Arduino Uno
  • MPX2010 silicon piezoresistive pressure transducer
  • LM324 op-amp


  • Arduinosoftware