Time box is a kinetic sculpture that aims to create a consciousness of a repetitive moment in time within a space, by filling the environment it occupies with music when the sun hits it.

Music box is the third iteration in Regina Cantu´s attempt of building time Nuomena.

“...Immanuel Kant created the term noumenon to signify unknowable reality, which he distinguished from phenomenon, the appearance of reality…” Ecyclopedia Brittanica

With the pressing question of: How to create objects that communicate the existence of time by forcibly disconnecting from the notion of a clock?, Regina Cantú pursued her graduate thesis project Epoche

As a derivative of this exploration, and due to her particular interest in time she created these Time Boxes. Using the undeniable significance of sunlight as a marker for a moment in time, these objects use direct sunlight on a specific spot to trigger an automated miniature mechanical orchestrina attached to a resonance box which amplifies the music played by the orchestrina.

For Moment Boxes the essential electromechanical mechanism of the first piece (Time Box) is used in conjunction with a smart controller. 

Regina and Rushali are close friends, so after the latter moved from the east coast to the west in the US they were seeking ways to create a sense of proximity beyond what telecommunication had to offer. So this piece was born, to connect the two collaborators contributing with her developer skills Rushali designed and developed the “smart” component of the piece.

This smart component attaches the light sensor to a microcontroller that communicates to a server, so that the moment sunlight hits a certain spot in the room in New York where the first box is placed,  the LA timebox starts playing, creating a tunnel that helps time and space travel into a different time and space and vice versa. In this way Rushali and Regina have found a way of merging their spaces in the two coasts and creating a brief moment in time for connection.